Circle Skirt Tutorial

Circle Skirt

Circle Skirt Tutorial

Download Circle Skirt Instructions with Pictures

These instructions can be used to make a circle skirt of any size including adults, babies and children. The type of fabric and width of elastic will differ with each size i.e. 3inches wide elastic for adults, 2inches wide for children and 1inch for babies.

Materials needed
Fabric (the size will depend on the waist size and length of skirt required)
Elastic (length of elastic will depend on waist size)
Pattern Paper
Sewing machine
Sewing pins
Optional -Overlocker 

Step 1 -Waist Section = Calculate Radius
To work out the size of the waist section of the skirt you need to calculation the circle radius. This can be done by using the following formula –

Radius = (waist size in inches plus 2 inches) ÷ 6.28

Example = If the waist size is 30inches then the radius would be worked out as (30+2) ÷ 6.28 = 5 inch radius

Step 2 -Drawing your template
You only need to draw a quarter of your skirt template.  Measuring from the bottom left corner of the paper use a pencil and ruler to make dots in several pieces to mark the radius (ie 5 inches from corner). Once you have enough dots join them together to create a curved line.

Step 3 -Length of skirt
Next you will need to decide how long you want your skirt to be. The total length of the skirt will need to be 2 inches longer for the bottom hem and for attaching waistband. Example: If you want the completed skirt approx. 18inches long then it would be worked out as 18inches & 2inches = total length 20inches.

Measuring from the curve you have just created use a pencil and ruler to make dots in several pieces to mark the length (ie 20 inches). Once you have enough dots join them together to create a curved line. Cut out the quarter donut shape.

Step 5 -Cutting the fabric
Fold your skirt fabric in half and then half again, to create a square shape. Place your template on the fabric making sure the edges of the template touches the edge of the fabric and smaller curve (waist) section is nearest the corner with the centre fold. Mark out the pattern and cut out along the two curved edges. When you open out the cut fabric it should be a donut shape.

Step 4 -Adding an elastic waistband
Using an overlocker or zigzag stitch on a sewing machine go around the end of the waist to stop the raw edge fraying.

The length of elastic required is the waist size plus 1inch each for seam allowance. For example a skirt with a waist of 30inches would need 31inches of elastic. Sew the elastic ends together using a 1/2inch seam allowance to create the elastic waistband. Sew down the seam ends of the elastic to help the waistband sit flatter.

To begin pinning the skirt to the elastic band, locate the back middle point of the skirt and pin to the elastic join section making sure the seam is on the inside. Next attach the front middle point of the skirt to the front centre point of the elastic. Now continue to pin the elastic to the skirt at even intervals.

Sew on the elastic band to the skirt making sure you stretch the elastic as you sew to keep it taut with the skirt fabric.

Step 5 -Hem the skirt
Finally hem the bottom of the skirt

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